End of the line

I have had this dream, coming back to me in one form or another. In a dimly lit, spacious living room, I dream of holding this stranger by the waist, her delicate figure, sitting on the armrest of the couch, unbuttoning her checked shirt to reveal a pair of small light brown breasts, her dark […]

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Leap of Faith

Can one die of happiness? Absolute, unaltered, unmeddled happiness. When one experiences such sublime a phenomena, one ceases to exist. Yes! One ceases to exist in the material plane. If not, one is inclined to. One is inclined to transform this moment’s flash into a living, breathing eternity. Would you call me mad? Do you […]

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The gravels on the ground felt prickly on his bare palms and feet. His breathing felt heavy and the sweat on his forehead felt cold. He looked up at the figure blocking the light emanating from behind, outlining the silhouette. The dark figure leaned closer, gradually increasing visibility. A pair of familiar eyes stared back […]

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