Finding Vincent

Sometime after I have taken up painting again, I stumble across this sketch of a view of my room from the bed that I had made during one of my many nights of insomnia as an adolescent. My mind instantly goes to Van Gogh’s Bedroom in Arles. Is there something of Him in me? Or […]

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Fuck Hitler!

As a child, I had this weird habit of making sketches of pictures I came across in books that impressed me. While going through an old notebook today, I discovered this sketch I had made with black gel pen from a picture in history book, of a German U-boat about to sink an English passenger […]

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I remember seeing a litter of puppies while walking down the lane, the older ones ran away as I approached to pet them, the youngest however came forward and demanded to be loved. I picked him up and he played on my lap as if I was no stranger to him. After that day, I […]

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Propagating against the evils of capitalism and consumerism, one tends to indulge in it. One tends to avouch it as means of climbing the social ladder, means of livlihood, even decency. In a world where corruption and prostitution is normal, infanticide and genocide are fundamental rights, mass murderers are hailed as heroes, where eulogies are […]

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