The Modern Tragedy


Since the inception of a child, he is made to trim the edges of his being to fit the syntax of preconceived schematics, burdened with the avocation of his father, and if the sparks of his resistance are felt in the gas chambers of monotony, he is to face the blitzkrieg of societal values.

An extensive education system is to be provided, designed specifically to castrate the individuality in him, so that he can see the augmented reality of his purveyor. This is the truth and the only truth and i shall happily rouge my walls with the blood of any man who says differently.


2 thoughts on “The Modern Tragedy

  1. Fantastically written. Not a single waste word. Excellent choice of vocabulary but abrupt sentences knit the confusion of perspective here. And also , since this was a great read it’s petite length is slightly disappointing. But overall, for a first blog you have nailed it. Great job.

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    1. I began this as an experiment and am thrilled to see people appreciating and asking for more. I wasn’t sure how much my readers would bother to read especially when their conventions and beliefs were attacked so kept it short.
      I really appreciate the constructive criticism though.


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