Searching God


God loves violence, that is why we are given such a variety of instruments to wage war in his honour, to enable men to replace the hew on the leaves with gouts of blood of his brethren.


Let a man hold the dudgeon of the sword of righteousness and he shall not think twice before turning the gray of the concrete streets incarnadine.


Let a man’s lechery be evinced in his religious scriptures and you shall see his moral ideologies to be ephemeral. He shall pass the exact knowledge to the puerile retinue of his sons and daughters who shall condemn science and logic as sacrilegious.



Behold! His God speaks through words written by his own hands, He says,”Feed your crops with the blood of innocent children who do not believe in me”. How can he not obey? It’s sacrilegious not to. His soldiers shall not stop at anything, there is no low they will not stoop to, all in the name of their imaginary friend. For wisdom is ephemeral, but ignorance in the immature minds is immortal.



2 thoughts on “Searching God

  1. Your work in this article is strung together real good. You have a great command over vocabulary , but that being said it’s important to know that sometimes simplicity strips down complexity with it’s sheer lucidity.
    Using words that are accounted for in a daily basis and incorporating that into your work is a phenomenal thing to do but once you decide to hold the weight of that responsibility make sure you don’t succumb to it. I had these few issues that might paint a picture as to what I meant to say.
    1. The term ‘gouts of blood’ is obsolete . If you were trying archaic then it’s important that you follow that pattern through. Continuity my friend . Or like you put it. Continuity , my sweet summer child .
    2. The biggest difficulty when using a vast array of words are the spellings. As a literary worker you should know how much of a difference a slight spelling can make.
    For example.
    “Incardine” is a word you used I presume ,to show the blood tainted streets. If so the word you’re looking for is ” incarnadine”.
    Insure a spell /grammar check everytime before you press that tempting enter button and post your content .
    Aside from these I must say you have done a splendid job. Your post against religious wrath is well put . The last line killed it.
    Expecting even better and more ,

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    1. First of all, thank you for pointing out the spelling mistake. I did intend to write ‘incarnadine’, but things happen when autocorrect takes decisions on your behalf 😂
      I took the term “gouts of blood” from Shakespeare’s Macbeth, i believe that “Language was invented for one reason, to woo women” and when I’m not doing that, I must use it for other purposes 😂


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