He is the Night


It probably looks like some hideous piece of shit but trust me, He looks majestic with wings wide spread, capable of striking fear in the minds of the most courageous of men. Capable of flying faster than your mind can process. There is a pair of black eyes staring at you from the black fur ball.
That’s a bat. The smaller ones of the species.
This little guy visits my room every night, sometimes decides to take a tour of the entire house and scare the shit out of my parents.
Last night he hit the ceiling fan and lost a part of his left wing. I thought he would be dead by the time i pick him up. He was trembling from aftershock.
The first words of my mother was, “pick it up and throw it outside”,
Dafaq? No I didn’t. I have been wearing this animal as a symbol on my chest even before i could understand the depth of its meaning. I would be one hell of a hypocrite if i just “pick it up and throw it outside”.



I tried to pick him up with my bare hands twice, he tried to escape, fell down both times trying to fly. Third time he gave in.
I put him on my desk, adored by the symbol of his kind.


As i patted his head, rubbed his delicate back covered with shiny black hair and looked into his tiny black eyes, i realised that he was not much different from Jack(my friend’s Labrador). He too closed his eyes when i rubbed his head. Wouldn’t sit on my hand like Jack doesn’t let me put arms around his neck, I could say he too recognises the affection in my voice. I bumped his nose too, he wasn’t much different. I was planning to take him to vet the next morning and Ankeet was kind enough to refer me one.
I couldn’t leave him alone, so I stayed with him, making sure he was still alive, transfered him to a small box, half covered, so that he has shade when the sun comes up.
At almost 3, the Dark Knight rose, hit me straight on the head, his way of saying goodbye I guess. I told him to stay, I don’t know what he understood but he stopped on the curtain for a few minutes. I rubbed his head lovingly, I could say he trusted me.
I don’t think this bat has ever received love and warmth from a human being before.
That was a first for both of us. 😊
All this happening right at the beginning of Batman Day, coincidence?
I believe, the universe talks to us in its own language known as ‘coincidence’.


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