Rebellion is the only way out


In a world full of conformists, it eventually becomes incumbent to be anti-social. Either way, one is inescapable of being persecuted by a jury of hypocrites from the pulpit of their own mediocrity. Malefactors masquerading as teachers, civil servants, politicians, guardians, parents and even messiahs, fingering the rosary of their own oblivion. Who are they to dominate? They are the few and we are the many, and yet we succumb.


We are told to keep faith, but on what? On whom?
The God? Government? You?
Faith is a dangerous thing. One may familiarise oneself with it but should be careful not to succumb to the gigantuous black hole which sucks in all visible lights of facts and logic around it to maintain the monopoly of eternal darkness. What is utmost faith if not fanaticism?


6 thoughts on “Rebellion is the only way out

  1. Wow! You ok bruh? Your play of words! That’s some strong spirit right there! When you said dark I thought it was more of an evening colour but you’re all the way into the night buddy! Well, I’m glad you’re holding on to your passion! You have a way with words! Keep writing and I’m sure you’ll do wonders! Happy blogging!!

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    1. I choose to preach things which people speak in hushed tones.
      Glad that you liked it and thankful for the the appreciation. 😀
      Stay tuned!
      Live long and prosper 🖖
      Apologies for the late reply, I’m still trying to figure out the mechanics around here 😅


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