Man’s Proclivity for Pain


Many before me have written about the perils of attachment, assuredly many will continue to do so as long as the dealers of illusion continue rolling such delicately engineered scams into the market, as long as Man’s proclivity for pain stays alive. But how can one not fall into such soft and pleasant traps, hand tailored by dwarves, elves and leprechauns; is the illusion not sweeter than the truth? Is it not much easier to believe that a white bearded man has created the universe instead of the rapid expansion of matter from a state of extremely high density and temperature?
We writers and poets all fret and cry, and digress. We ask the wrong questions. We ask questions which have no answers or have infinite answers. The Galaxy consists of how many stars? What resides inside a Black hole? How is the life after death?
I once asked a reiki master, to show me the path. He replied,”The trick is not to avoid involvement, but attachment. Get involved but don’t get attached”.
Hence, I preach,
Get involved but don’t get attached.


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