A cozy illusion


The middle class citizens of this world have a great predilection towards cozy deceptions. We like to believe that our lives too are well scripted romances.


We like to believe that everything is going to work out in time, wealth can be achieved by hard work, we all millennials will grow into superstars and millionaires while watching our favourite movies,


flashing luxury cars zooming around gigantic mansions which will be ours one day only if we work hard, day and night, do the jobs we don’t like, to buy the things we don’t need; to lead an unnecessary extravagant life.


Our generous corporate overlords will surely let us have it so that we can be on our own merry way, having no further need of turning blood to sweat for their trinkets. Why not? Of course they will help us achieve our dreams and aspirations enabling us to escape their slavery, won’t they?

Do you see it now?

An ass is chasing a carrot, tied to a stick. I will drop a hint, you are not the man holding it.


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