The Gods are cold

India’s poverty of the masses is ostensible from her name itself. What we are rich in and have in abundance is:

Firstly, heritage that attracts philocalists around and outside the globe, and secondly, hypocrisy that is too great for even our monuments to hold. Abound in this great country, too many people, bound in too many religions, all professing the one true salvation. Yet often these two diverse elements hybrid and intertwine to form one massive Yggdrasil, which has stood its ground amidst the tsunami of modernization, and has borne apples which supports life not, but stupefies.



Janki Ghat Bada Sthan temple situated in Ayodhya, India, to save their idols from this harsh winter has installed heaters and are bathed with hot water, while people die on the streets of this country every day out of cold and hunger.



The rich citizens of this country never seem to have money when it comes to paying taxes but are possessed by the Goddess of wealth when it comes to appease their sense of guilt through temples, or using them as a means of funneling Black Money.


9 thoughts on “The Gods are cold

      1. Well, he is history who helped India to achieve independence. His role in nation building is still cherished by people. And in rule based society, laws/constitution are more important than any single person. That’s what democracy too stands for.


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