Rising above hate


The eunoia of dogs is something distinctly absent in the ingrate seed of Adam. Violence inflicted for the sake of greed, lust or survival though may not be justifiable can at least be consoled by the intentions and logic motivating it.

But the violence driven by sadistic forces are emancipated from logic with the violence being an end in itself, is not only inhumane but monstrous. It has been rightly said that the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.


After Jack’s father left for America, his own family kicked him out on the streets as they believed he would harm their newborn baby. He was living on the streets when he was rescued by his current family, starving and almost on the verge of death. His ribs sticking out and his body infested with rot. It took a lot of medical attention to get him back on his feet.

He was around 1 year old when he was found and now he is a 7 year old fat Labrador who loves belly rubs and neck tickling and cakes. Most well behaved dog I have seen in my lifetime.


Oreo was only a few months old when she was rescued from her cruel master who used to beat, starve and lock her up. Though being abused by humans, after being rescued she showers her love on every person that she comes across and is the most jovial and friendly Golden Retriever there can be. She is almost a year old now and still undergoing treatment for the liver problems she developed due to prolong starvation.

This article is dedicated to pets who overcame animal cruelty and rose above hate with undulating courage and to those people who have shown more than sympathy to helpless animals in need.


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