A Fool’s Wealth

The proclamation of disinclination towards attachment is the biggest lie told, after religion. The truth is that attachment is an addiction to which all of civilization, inspite of denial, have had a taste and longs for it just as a cocaine addict longs for his elixir. We are decent beings as long as the drug runs through our veins, as long as the drug is supplied. This is what stops us from being in the corral and makes us beings of the chorale instead. The correct amounts cause euphoria while overdose turns millenials into juvenile delinquents.

He sat staring blankly at the rose gold Rolex replica, the face shamelessly declaring ‘oyster perpetual date’. What seemed to him to be the Apple of Eden at the street corner now the ticking of it’s supposedly seamless machinery sounded like shells off the coast of Pearl Harbour. Authentic Rolexes don’t tick like normal watches nor do the movement makes noise. Yet couldn’t deny the grandeur of the Crown over the brand name itself, he fantasized about the self satisfaction one may derive from just gawking at it. The chucking of the cheap knock-off seemed to be communicating to him in a strange esperanto, making his attempt at resisting attachment all the more difficult, before putting an ad on OLX at the cheapest price possible.

“Oops! Your ad has been discarded due to poor quality”

6 times in a row, new record! Apparently selling shit on the Internet wasn’t as easy as he thought it would be. It is always that people expect more than they are paying for, much more. The quaintness of human nature ends where dark toned, beer bellied men ask for authentication papers of the Rolex selling off at 2000 rupees at a second hand buying and selling website;

Would you like me to gift wrap it with ribbon?

The candid sarcasm definitely wasn’t a brilliant marketing strategy. Propagating against the evils of capitalism and consumerism, one tends to indulge in it. One tends to avouch it as means of climbing the social ladder, means of livlihood, even decency. In a world where corruption and prostitution is normal, infanticide and genocide are fundamental rights, mass murderers are hailed as heroes, where eulogies are sung for pedophiles, lechery is hailed as religion, materialistic tendencies provide one with dreamscape.

He wears it around his wrist as he sits on his phone bargaining with a handful of morons who feel it as their obligation to point out that without proper papers the watch was likely to be a fake,

No shit Sherlock!

In all probability they had no idea who Sherlock was; no love lost there. 1300 rupees was suddenly too much to pay for a replica, and it became more evident with each passing hour. The ticking grew louder with each passing second, mocking him. The “Swiss Made” etching at the back of the clasp wasn’t enough consolation anymore.

Chuck…. Chuck….. Chuck

He would remember this sound, even a couple of years after he had sold the watch to a bearded bespectacled man for 900 bucks, when he would be awakened from his reveries by the reminiscences of the auctioning of a vintage quartz Rolex for almost a billion dollars; then, even the sacristy of the walls of Saint Lawrence’s Institute for the Mentally ill proved inadequate to contain his shrieks.


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