Goddess of Education and Wisdom

22nd January 2018.

As he made his way through the crowded Kolkata Bazar engrossed in bargaining with small shopkeepers for idols of the Goddess of education and wisdom, sweets and fruits that supposed to be offered to her, and rice grains and vegetables that are to be offered to the priest performing the tardy rites. He could say just by having a glance that most of these people didn’t pass through School, some of them have never even set foot in a school in the first place. Some of them probably did not even let their daughters study so as to make better housewives out of them. Only if these people believed in what the Goddess stands for instead of the Goddess herself, this would have been better society to begin with. The ignorance of the mass seemed too overwhelming. As he dashed through the crowd, the smiling enthusiastic faces of the shopkeepers beaming of familiarity made him balk to reciprocate. The eclectic odour appalled him more than the faces of hypocritical high school teachers. Only if these people spend the money they spend in celebrating festivals and worshipping their Gods in building schools and sponsoring colleges or at least educating their own children…


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