Falling For Snow (Part- 2)

The librarian and some female teachers and an effiminate one were busy gossiping in the name of work. Most of these vile creatures were uneducated cons, who go about flashing degrees obtained from college who provide degrees solely for the sake of maintaining their status as a college. The effeminate chemistry teacher whose only duty apart from criticising the nail polish of minors with the ugly teeth flashing EVS teacher is flirting with other male teachers. These depressingly frustrated people are losers in real life, rejected at home and the actual world alike, who find solace in this little dictatorship with the outward appearance of a school.He was banished to the adjacent room where a few girls clustered in the middle were following suit. There was one girl in the front reading ‘The Deception Point’ in isolation. God knows what engendered in him the impulse to grab her book but when he did, there was no incredulity in her eyes nor bewilderment but an unexpected understanding. By the time he realised what he did it was too late. His hands were already trembling. Beginning engaging conversations with beautiful strangers wasn’t really his forte.

“I didn’t know anyone in this dumb place read Dan Brown”, he said trying to hide the shaking in his voice.

“I absolutely love him. He is one of my favourite writers. Have you read this book?”

It was the first time he noticed her. Pale snowy skin tone, doe eyes big enough to contain the Indian Ocean, thin lips, prominent cheekbones, plaited dark ebony hair.

“I have the entire collection back home”, he replied hoping that it was some impressive achievement. For the next 40 minutes he blabbered about how there existed infallible proof that Christ was married to Mary Magdalene, Christian Church was based on a lie, crucifixion was a hoax, and so on and on until the bell rang. He gave his name and offered his hand, expecting a handshake. She reciprocated, and the handshake was complete.


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