I Am Silenced

Capitalism works because we have this huge void in our lives we have the desperate need to fill with over expensive trifles and trinkets. An unemployed student starves himself to buy the latest smartphone, a middle aged man spends his life savings to buy a Rolex, a single working mother spends her earnings buying dresses every week while not being able to afford a proper education for her child; in attempt to substitute purpose, respect, love and self-esteem. And to what end?

This black hole sucks everything around itself except the inclination to feed more on things one doesn’t need. But this hunger is not everlasting. There comes a time when it saturates. But that cannot happen, if it does, the capitalists will go broke. So they buy our governments to do their bidding; to shove their unnecessary apps down our throats by making our currencies useless, force us to use THEIR banks by making OURS bankrupt, to keep us in fear of death so that we can consume as much as possible in life and even after death through investments and schemes.

Yet I can’t say names, speak out details, mention locations, or I’ll be lynched, or meet with an unfortunate accident.

Yet, I am silenced.


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